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 [Ingles] Registro de Windows Live ID con Hotmail@live.com or@windowslive.com o dominios locales

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MensajeTema: [Ingles] Registro de Windows Live ID con Hotmail@live.com or@windowslive.com o dominios locales   Miér Jul 09, 2008 7:35 pm

Windows Live has plenty of domains including country based ccTLDs domain name to used as Hotmail email alias and the Windows Live ID, from live.com to windowslive.com. Users can only register for @live.xx local domain alias as Get Windows Live registration process will automatically redirect users to localized language registration form. If you prefer just @live.com, or @live.it, or @live.at, or @windowslive.com and etc. as your email address, you can register for as many different Windows Live domain aliases available using links below.

Remember that you should logout of any Hotmail or Windows Live interface before accessing the page. And the registration page is in local language used in the targeting country. Anyway you can open another window to access localized registration page to understand what the fields say. The form is pretty much the same, just translated over to different languages.

Arabic - windowslive.com (http://get.live.com/ar-XA/mail/overview)
Argentina - live.com.ar (http://get.live.com/es-AR/mail/overview)
Australia - live.com.au (http://get.live.com/en-AU/mail/overview)
Austria - live.at (http://get.live.com/de-AT/mail/overview)
Belgium - live.be (http://get.live.com/fr-BE/mail/overview)
Canada - live.ca (http://get.live.com/en-CA/mail/overview)
Chile - live.cl (http://get.live.com/es-CL/mail/overview)
China - live.cn (http://get.live.com/zh-chs-cn/mail/overview)
Denmark - live.dk (http://get.live.com/da-DK/mail/overview)
Finland - windowslive.com (http://get.live.com/fi-FI/mail/overview)
France - live.fr or hotmail.fr (http://get.live.com/fr-FR/mail/overview)
Germany - live.de or hotmail.de (http://get.live.com/de-DE/mail/overview)
Hong Kong - live.hk (http://get.live.com/zh-cht-hk/mail/overview)
Indonesia - windowslive.com (http://get.live.com/en-ID/mail/overview)
Ireland - live.ie (http://get.live.com/en-IE/mail/overview)
Italy - live.it or hotmail.it (http://get.live.com/it-IT/mail/overview)
Japan - live.jp or hotmail.co.jp (http://get.live.com/ja-JP/mail/overview)
Korea - live.co.kr (http://get.live.com/ko-KR/mail/overview)
Malaysia - live.com.my (http://get.live.com/en-MY/mail/overview)
Mexico - live.com.mx (http://get.live.com/es-MX/mail/overview)
Netherlands live.nl (http://get.live.com/nl-NL/mail/overview)
Norway - live.no (http://get.live.com/nb-NO/mail/overview)
Pakistan - live.com.pk (registration link unavailable)
Peru - live.com.pe (registration link unavailable)
Portugal - live.com.pt (registration page URL in pt-PT language locale)
Russia - live.ru (http://get.live.com/ru-RU/mail/overview)
Singapore - live.com.sg (http://get.live.com/en-SG/mail/overview)
South Africa - live.co.za (http://get.live.com/en-ZA/mail/overview)
Sweden - live.se (http://get.live.com/sv-SE/mail/overview)
Switzerland - windowslive.com (http://get.live.com/fr-CH/mail/overview)
Thailand - windowslive.com (http://get.live.com/th-TH/mail/overview)
Turkey - windowslive.com (http://get.live.com/tr-TR/mail/overview)
UK - live.com.uk or hotmail.co.uk (http://get.live.com/en-GB/mail/overview)
USA - live.com (http://get.live.com/en-US/mail/overview)
USA (Spanish) - live.com (http://get.live.com/es-US/mail/overview)
Vietnam - windowslive.com (registration URL unavailable)

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[Ingles] Registro de Windows Live ID con Hotmail@live.com or@windowslive.com o dominios locales
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